Coasteering Jump from Praa Sands
Coasteering Jumping from Praa Sands


Discover why Coasteering in Cornwall is the fastest growing adventurous activity.

Coasteering Adventures is based at Praa Sands, highly regarded as one of Cornwall’s safest and most picturesque Coasteering locations. Sessions are 2 hours long and you will experience cliff jumping, sea swimming, bellyflopping, climbing, bouldering, exploring caves, floating through gullies and you may even get to play with ‘Max’ Praa Sands very own friendly seal. We tailor each adventure to the group with all the sections of our routes including jumps optional, so you can choose the level that you are comfortable with.

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All Equipment Provided

We will provide each customer with a warm winter wetsuit, buoyancy aid and helmet. You will need to bring an old pair of shorts to wear on top of your wetsuit and a pair of trainers to grip the rocks and protect your feet. All of our equipment is kept to the highest standards and is no more than 2 years old.

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Daily Adventures

We run daily morning and afternoon Coasteering Adventures from Praa Sands and specialise in small public, private and family groups. Our public groups run at a maximum 1 guide to 8 students’ ratio. Each adventure is tailored to the group, conditions and tide with safety as our number 1 priority.

Group Coasteering in Cornwall


Coasteering is the perfect outdoor activity for an adventitious family. You will have your own guide who will tailor the session to your family’s needs. You will explore sea caves; wave pools and jumps along with seeing some amazing wildlife. The minimum age to take part is 8 years old and each participant needs to be able to swim 50 metres unaided. For families between 3-6 people the price is £60.00 per person.

Public Group Coasteering from Praa Sands, Cornwall.


The Public Coasteering Adventures are 2-hours long and run daily in the morning and afternoon. We are proud to offer an unbeatable 1 guide to 8 students’ ratio, guaranteeing the highest levels of group safety and group attention. The minimum age to take part is 10 years old and each participant needs to be able to swim 50 metres unaided. The price is £45.00 per person.

Group Coasteering in Cornwall.


Enjoy your very own Private Coasteering Adventure. You will have you own guide who will tailor the session to your group’s needs. From launching yourself of our highest jumps to counting how many ‘Strawberry Sea Anemones’ you can find, no adventure is the same. Sessions are 2-hours and the minimum age to take part is 8 years old, each participant needs to be able to swim 50 metres unaided. Prices start at £60.00 per person.



Learn to Surf at Praa Sands with Coasteering Adventures

Learn to Surf

We also run daily private and public surf lessons from Praa Sands and Gwithian beaches.

About the great team at Coasteering Adventures.

About Us

Find out more about Chris, Steve and the amazing team behind Coasteering Adventures.

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We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions from our clients to help future customers assist make the correct booking.