Beginners guide to coasteering in Cornwall
Beginners guide to coasteering in Cornwall



Beginners guide to coasteering? Here’s the Important information to consider before booking a coasteering adventure.

Below are some of our more frequently asked questions about coasteering from Mousehole, Praa Sands and the Lizard Peninsula. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any query this page does not address.

What equipment is included?

Included as part of every Coasteering Adventures is a warm winter wetsuit, buoyancy aid and helmet, You will be required to bring a pair of trainers for grip and walking safely over the rocks as well as an old pair of shorts to wear over your wetsuit.

Can I wear my own wetsuit?

We would only recommend using your own wetsuit if it’s a long wetsuit and 3mm or thicker.

What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring a pair of trainers, which you don’t mind getting wet, swimwear for underneath your wetsuit, sun cream and a towel for changing.

Where do we meet / park?

For Praa Sands please meet at our mobile base at the front of Praa Sands large car park (TR20 9TQ). For Mousehole please meet at our mobile base in the Coastguard Car Park (TR19 6PS). On the Lizard we have multiple start point and therefore the exact location will be confirmed with you the day before your adventure by text and email.

How do I book a coasteering adventure?

You can either book online by simply selecting any of the ‘BOOK NOW’ buttons on the website and completing a booking form, which will take no more than 5 minutes. Alternativly you can send us an email or call us on 07767 831578 and one of our team will be happy to help.

Do I need to book in advance?

Bookings in advance between June -September is strongly recommended as we only run 2 sessions per time slot with a maximum with limited numbers per session.

What times do the coasteering adventures start?

Our group coasteering adventures run daily Monday – Sunday. The timings vary throughout the year based on tides and weather conditions so please refer to our online booking system for the most up to date session times.

How fit do I need to be?

We would recommend coasteering for anyone of average fitness and better. Participants will need to be able to swim 25 metres unaided.

Can I wear glasses in the water?

We do not allow glasses and any obstructing jewellery to be worn whilst coasteering. Jewellery includes rings, necklaces, bracelets and hooped earrings. All valuables can be stored safely in our safe whilst we recommend using contact lenses during the lesson.

Do you see any wildlife when you are coasteering?

Cornwall is blessed with amazing wildlife. Your guide will point out everything from strawberries sea anemones and star fishes to seals, dolphins, occasional humpback whales and nesting sea birds during your adventure.

What is the minimum age for coasteering?

The minimum age for a group coasteering adventures is 8 years old. There is no minimum age for a private coasteering session.

Do you run the sessions if it's raining?

Coasteering is equally fun in the rain as they are in the sunshine. You are going to be getting wet anyway, so the outside weather doesn’t affect either activity.

What is the seas is too rough?

It’s rare but occasionally we experience large summertime storms. To avoid cancellations, we will try where possible to change your session location to a nearby sheltered beach where the conditions will be safe. If this is not possible then we will look to rearrange your session for a more suitable day or transfer the booking to one of our other activities (surfing, kayaking, SUP)

How high are the jumps?

The jumps on our coasteering route range from 1 metre (3ft) to 8 metres (25ft). All jumps are optional, so you can choose the height that you are comfortable with.

Do I have to do the jumps?

We tailor each adventure to the group with all the sections of our routes including jumps optional, so you can choose the level that you are comfortable with and complete the route at your own pace.

What amenities does Praa Sands beach have?

Praa Sands has great local amenities, including a beachfront cafe and restaurant, daily 10am – 6pm lifeguard service and large car park. The beach itself is very family friendly with lots of soft sand with the sea being much safer than the north coast of Cornwall.

What amenities does The Lizard beach have?

The Lizard and surrounding area has great local amenities, including three beachfront cafes, gift shops, pubs and restaurants.

What amenities does Mousehole beach have?

Mousehole has great local amenities, including three beachfront cafes, multiple car parks, public toilets, Very safe harbour beach with clean golden sand, restaurants and art galleries.

Is Praa Sands dog friendly?

Like many beaches Praa Sands has a 9am – 5pm daily dog ban between June – September. Outside of these months’ dogs are allowed on the beach.

Will there be photos taken during the session?

As part of our service, we provide complimentary photos of your session, captured by our guide at key points along the route. Whenever possible, we'll AirDrop these photos directly to you afterwards for immediate enjoyment!

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