Global Boarders Surf School Praa Sands, Cornwall
Global Boarders Surf School Praa Sands, Cornwall


Surf Lessons from Praa Sands and Gwithian Beaches.

Based alongside Coasteering Adventures you can find our Surf School Global Boarders. Established in 2005 the surf school is now recognised as one of Cornwall’s top providers for both public and private lessons. We have two fantastic surf school locations at Praa Sands and Gwithian Towans. This allows us to choose where the surf is best for your session promising an unforgettable experience whether you are just visiting us on holiday or live locally to the area.  

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2 Fantastic Locations

Based 20-30 minutes apart Praa Sands and Gwithian are highly regarded as two of the best beaches to learn how to surf from in Cornwall. We are the only licenced Surf School at both locations and offer daily private and public surf lessons.

Family Friendly Surf School at Praa Sands, Cornwall

Family Friendly

There is not a better family experience to share in Cornwall than surfing. Whether it’s the thrill of all the family standing up and sharing a ‘Party Wave’. Or the entertainment of watching each other ‘Wipeout’ in spectacular fashion.

Beginner Surf Lesson from Praa Sands, Cornwall

Beginner Surf Lessons

A Beginner Surf Lesson is for someone who has never surfed before or had a few lessons months / years ago and need a refresher! The lesson will be divided into 3 simple parts; A - Safety and beach technique. B - Learning how to catch waves and C - Learning how to popup to your feet. The average beginner lesson ratio is 1 coach to 4 students, the maximum ratio is 1:8. Lessons are 2-hours long and all equipment is provided. Prices start at £45.00 per person.

Private Family Surf Lesson from Praa Sands, Cornwall

Private Family Surf Lessons

Make unforgettable memories during our Family Friendly Surf Lessons. Our highly trained coaching team will tailor each 2-hour lesson to perfectly suit your family’s needs. We have no age restrictions for our private family groups ensuring every generation can take part, promising great entertainment whether it’s sharing a ‘Party Wave’ or picking seaweed out of your hair after an ‘Epic Wipeout’.

Improver Surf Lessons from Praa Sands, Cornwall

Improver Surf Lessons

The perfect option if you are looking to continue developing your surfing skills. Equipped with a more advanced surfboard you will embark on host of new and exciting techniques, including duck diving, how to paddle from the white water to the green waves and performing your first turns. Our improver lessons are 2-hours long with our average group ratio at 1 coach to 4 students. Prices starts at £45.00 per person.

Private Surf Lesson from Praa Sands, Cornwall

Private Surf Lessons

An excellent option for families, parent and child, solo travellers and groups of friends. Our private lessons are designed to meet the exact needs of the participant/s on the lesson without compromise. Private lessons are 2-hours long with no age restrictions. Prices start from £60 per person for a group booking or £90.00 for a 1-on-1 lesson.



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